Juan's pick ups

This is the last video for today, it’s from my louis vuitton mini haul from last night 03/15/11. I’ve been eyeing these glasses for the last 3-4 weeks and finally decided to pull the trigger. These are the louis vuitton Evidence in the western fit and  they’re in the black/gold. These are also available in the white/gold combo as well as the red/silver combo. They’re available at any Louis Vuitton store and online at www.louisvuitton.com They’re currently going for $675.00 before tax (:

This is a video of my second pick up from last night 03/15/11, this is the Louis Vuitton Passport cover/holder. It’s in the Damier Ebene print and is a very nice well made product. I can’t wait to use it!!! They’re available in the traditional monogram as well as the Damier prints, Azure Ebene and Graphite and are available at any Louis Vuitton store or online for $280.00 plus tax (:

This is a video of one of my pick ups from last night 03/15/11. It’s the Louis Vuitton Card Holder in the Damier Ebene print. This is a big improvement on the burberry piece i had previously purchased. They’re available at any Louis Vuitton store or online for around 175.00 plus tax :)

Here is a better video on my Louis Vuitton initial belt in Damier Graphite. They’re available in any louis vuitton store for around 480.00

I needed a new pair of sneakers and since I don’t want to wear my jordan’s (i collect them) i’ve decided to buy a cheap pair, so I went with adidas, they’re the original Samba style but in hemp!!! So fresh….Add me on youtube since I post my videos there first. MustangMan07….Thanks for the support guys 

I purchased a new mac book air about a week ago! Big thanks to Paolo Campos for hooking me up!!! Any who having a nice laptop with out a sleeve is a big no no so I decided to pick up a laptop sleeve after going through a ton of sleeves at best buy i decided to go designer. Burberry wanted 300+ and louis vuitton wanted over 600!!! So I ended up watching a youtube video and a gentlemen purchased a coach sleeve for 60 bucks and I loved it. So here is a video of my newest coach pick up 

Here’s a quick video of my louis vuitton damier ebene coin pouch. I love it so far and it is available at any Louis Vuitton store for $175.00

Here’s a quick video on my burberry collection

Here is the video from yesterdays pick up APC RAW DENIM/Selvedge jeans. Big thanks to Jose from barneys coop at americana in glendale ca 

3/6/11 APC raw denim jeans

Before I get into this weekends pick up I want to thank Jose from the barney’s coop at the americana in glendale ca. Very helpful gentlemen who knows his denim. 

After working on breaking in my first pair of raw denim jeans (naked and famous) I’ve decided to pick up a new pair, after trying on what seemed like 30 pairs of jeans I couldn’t decide between the APC raw denim/selvedge or another pair of naked and famous. I ended up picking up the APC jeans and I’ve only had them on for about an hour but so far I love the color and the way they feel. Video and photos coming soon. Have a good one guys/gals